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How to prepare a world trip?

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The idea of going traveling around the world is seducing in many ways… meeting people, discovering new cultures, getting amazed by fantastic sceneries, tasting strange food, getting lost, finding yourself again… If you are reading us right now it means you are part of those people who would like to go beyond your borders and this is the first step towards your new adventure!

Many have dreamt of such a trip but many will never do it. There are plenty of reasons to never do it: obligations, different priorities, different interests, fear, misknowledge… And there are as many reasons to travel! If you are willing to go over all these challenges, you are on the right page! We are here to help you and make your planning easy!

These articles will guide you through the different steps and help you achieve successfully your ambition.

Don’t hesitate to tell us more about your own experience in the comments section: it might help inspire others who may recognize themselves in you!

Together we will analyze the main questions you need to ask yourself and give you some clues to answer them:

Why are you traveling?

Who to travel with?

When to go?

How long to travel for?

Where to go?

Some statistics from France

How to get the funds?

How will your travel?

Travelling by plane: what kind of ticket buying?

Where to buy a world-tour ticket?

Next beer on you? Beers cheers

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