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When to go on a world tour?

At what period should you go for a world tour?

Are you waiting for the right timing to leave? Well note that there are as many good moments to go as there are reasons to leave! There is no “best moment” to leave in your life. Although a majority of world-trippers are below 30, many people take their decision later in their active live, while others will wait until their retirement. After your studies, between two jobs, as a sabbatical year, at the beginning of your active life, at the top of your career, after a break-up, as an extended honeymoon, alone, as a couple, with your family, or as a retiree,  there are as many stories on the road as types of travellers.

For instance for us, the right moment was the end of both our contracts: instead of looking for new jobs, we decided to go on a world tour and figure out what kind of future we would like to build together.

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At what period of the year should you travel?

Again that will also depend on your availability! A few things you will need to take into account are: when you can go, how long you will need to save enough money, how long you need to prepare your trip, and what is the weather forecast in the regions you want to visit?

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