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What luggage to travel with?

There are basically 4 types of luggage you could travel with: a backpack, a duffle bag, a small suitcase, a big suitcase (or more). All have their pros and cons and each of them will be more adapted to a different type of travel.

Travelling with a Duffle Bag

That is what I call a “week-end bag”. Easy to pack, easy to carry, carry-on size, usually pretty fancy-looking but you don’t want it to be too big nor too heavy. So perfect for a weekend but not more.

Travelling with a Small Suitcase

There are three big advantages of travelling with a small suitcase: you can have a neat packing, it’s a carry-on luggage on airplanes and it’s rolling so you don’t need to carry it around.
Now of course, it’s small so you need to limit yourself, especially if you take it as a carry-on as it means you are limited in weight. And if you’re not in a nice city (and even then) and on the move you might end up having to actually carry it as there can be many obstacles on the way to a smooth rolling.
The small suitcase will therefore be your best friend for short trips mainly in urban areas or whenever you can drop it somewhere and go explore.

Travelling with a big suitcase (or more)

The advantage is obvious: (almost) no space limitation! For the ones who need to have an outfit for any situation or for the families who need to anticipate any kids’ emergencies!
Yet be careful not to exceed the plane limitation for checked-in luggage as these can become heavy pretty fast! And the main inconvenient is logical: it can become heavy pretty fast! So that will be your option if you just need to go from point A to B and not move anymore! Perfect for resort holidays or a week skiing. Avoid absolutely if you plan to stay in different places and you don’t have a car (yours or a taxi).

Travelling with a Backpack

Definitely the best option if you are planning to move around a lot and need a luggage that is easy to carry around with you.
Of course it also means that you have to limit yourself in what to bring, first because you have a limited amount of space available, second because you will need to carry it on your back! It may also not be suited if you need to pack some fancy/ fragile clothes as it may not be easy to pack them in a very flat and careful manner.
However backpacks are definitely your option if you are planning on hiking, camping, go on a nomadic journey and move from one place to the other every other day.
And of course it’s the world traveler best friend.

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