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How to fund your travels?

That’s a tricky but fundamental question! First you will define how much you require! The average budget of a world tour for a year is between 15’000 and 20’000 EUR. Of course this will depend on your destinations and on the length of your trip. More information here on how to do your budget.

Once you have your target, here are 3 ways to reach it:


Look around you and present your project, some family members, friends or colleagues might be willing to help you reach your goal! You can also turn to the whole Internet by creating your own campaign. Make sure to have nice speech and an original presentation ready to share to make people willing to support you. Wherever the money is coming from make sure to share with your funders some aspects of your trip! Following you will be their reward!

Travel grants

Some countries/ regions/ cities as well as some foundations/ organizations/ private companies may sponsor part of your trip! To apply you will need to define your project and what makes it original or outstanding. You will need to carefully prepare your application months in advance. Grants might be dedicated to certain types of projects only so make sure you read carefully the conditions of each grant before applying; there is often an age or nationality condition for instance. Some grants are aimed to support study abroad trips or sports challenges or projects bringing light to a specific area such as development initiatives. Note that most of these grants will bind you to the sponsors and not only will you be accountable during your trip, you may also be required to answer interviews in media or give conferences.

Your own money

Saving money needs a bit of discipline and a lot of motivation. My advice would be for you to create a savings account where you will send money every month and forbid yourself to touch! Check your monthly expenses and classify them into different categories: mandatory (rent, utilities, phone bill…), necessary (food, some personal expenses…), avoidable (shopping, unnecessary subscriptions…). You can also sell some of your stuff that you might not need (old clothes, unused gadgets…). For instance if you plan on going away for a year you might be willing to sell your car (and save on the insurance for it).

Do not underestimate your budget!

Make sure to have more than needed rather than just the amount, as people tend to minimize their budget and end up struggling. Having more doesn’t mean you should spend more! But it would provide you with a safety net in case of unexpected events!

Be careful to also have some money saved for when you return. If you have quit your job, it might take some time to find a new one and you will need some savings to survive a few months.

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