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Travelling: Answer your How?

You made your decision: you want to travel the world! But now you are confronted to one simple question: how?

It is important to clarify this question by taking into account several aspects.


Covering long-distances by plane might cost you more than travelling by bus in one region. But be careful to always compare your different options: you might be surprised!
Here are some simple tricks:
• Always compare your different options: plane vs train vs bus vs shared taxi…
• The more the merrier but also the cheaper! Negotiating a group price with fellow travelers might allow you huge savings
• If you decide to go by motorbike or by car you might consider buying or renting one at your first destination and then selling it before leaving as the transportation costs and time might be heavy. Consider also that finding the right type of spare parts might be a challenge in some places.


Obviously you cannot expect to cover the same surface in the same timing if you are using busses/trains compared to bicycles! Make sure to get all the information beforehand on the feasibility and the timing of your project!
Doing 2 days on a bus trip, 80 km cycling per day, 8 hours biking per day: it is all feasible but also very tiring! Don’t overestimate your capabilities and don’t forget to include some relaxing/ resting time in your planning: after all you are on holidays!


Don’t carry along things you rarely need! Travelling by car or with just a backpack will impose different constraints.
Obviously if you just have a backpack you will try to limit your needs! Carrying your tent for a one-time use might be a waste of energy (adding the weight on you). If you are just planning to camp during one or two treks you might be able to rent all the material needed in the surrounding cities.
Travelling with a suitcase might turn out very inconvenient if you plan on moving around a lot but might be your best option as to keep your stuff organized if you are planning on staying in some places for some time.
Also consider sending yourself packages! If you are planning to do mountain climbing and need good winter clothes and specific material, make sure you send them back home once you are heading to the beach!

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