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Travelling by plane: how to buy tickets?

So, for convenience you decided to travel by plane, at least for the longest legs? Fair enough!

Note that there are mainly 2 methods here:

Buying tickets as you go

the main benefits here is that it gives you plenty of flexibility and allows you to look for last minute prices sometimes even to unexpected destinations!
But if you have constraints regarding where and when you want to go, you might end up with little choice but to pay an expensive fare or have to build a trip including many transits.

If you are willing to go for that option, here are some recommended websites to help you in your search for the best ticket: Matrix ITA, Skyscanner, Kayak, Momondo

Buying a world-tour ticket

This ticket allows you to buy in advance all the tickets to your main destinations thus allowing you to reduce the cost. Of course the main inconvenience is the lack of flexibility: if you are able to change some of the dates (depending on the initial conditions you agreed on), most of the time it is impossible to change the trajectory.
Also there are a few restrictive rules, such as, you can only travel one way (East to West for instance) and cannot change back and forth between hemispheres. I mean, you could, but you’ll have to pay extra, losing some of the benefits of this ticket.
And more important: it is often limited in time, usually one year, so you cannot extend your trip!

Make sure to read our tips to find your world-tour ticket!

The solution? A mix of both!

I would totally recommend that you look into the world-tour ticket if you are really going around the world, as it can be a great deal regarding trans-continental flights. The fewer destinations you include, the fewer constraints you have. Apart from the price, another benefit of this ticket is that it often allows you to make stop-overs for free in some places that you may not have selected otherwise (e.g.: Singapore, Hong-Kong, Tahiti).
However, regarding intra-continental flights I would look into tickets individually and compare with other means of transport. The main reason for that is that it would allow you to use local low cost companies that are not part of the major alliances. For instance, Air Asia travels to many destinations and usually offers great deals, especially from Thailand.

Be careful with your safety and make sure those companies are not blacklisted!!

You could check the list on the EU Air Safety here!

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