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How to buy a world-tour ticket?

There are 2 main approaches when it comes to buy a World-Tour Tickets. Note that it works also for multi-destination flights.

Directly with one of the big flight alliances

The advantages are that you can access very good prices on network trustworthy companies. One of the biggest benefits too is that you will collect many miles (do not forget to get a reward card!) thus allowing to upgrade your flying status and access some bonuses such as skipping the lines or taking extra-luggage for free! Not to mention the free trip you might win by earning enough miles...
However the main inconvenience is that you may be limited in the choice of available destinations. Therefore this option could especially suit you if you are targeting main hubs but I would not recommend it for customised or complex routes.

If you want to look into it, the main ones are:

    • Star Alliance: with almost 1000 destinations, the prices are calculated according to the number of miles from 26 000 (express world tour, 5 stopovers maximum) to 39 000 (more than 15 stopovers allowed)
    • One World: you can choose from the traditional “Global Explorer” option which calculates the tariff according to the number of miles or the “One World Explorer” with unlimited flights on 3 to 6 continents visited and a minimum of 16 flights.
    • SkyTeam: it covers around 900 destinations in about 170 countries and allows between 3 to 15 stopovers.

Via a specialized agency

It can be quite hectic to customize your itinerary, making sure to not make any errors and above all making sure you are optimizing the cost/time factor. For that reason, I would suggest also looking into agencies that are actually specialized in organizing and booking those kinds of tickets. Note that some of them also offer a combination of tickets + hotels (for shorter world-trips) which might look expensive but can actually offer a great deal.

Here are some agencies you can consult online:

Stay flexible and don’t hesitate to compare the routes and prices!

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