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Our choice of backpacks!

Two backpacks

Finally ready to leave! Since we cut our World Tour in 2 parts due to different kinds of commitments we are able to pack differently as we have more flexibility into re-adjusting our content in the meantime! (yes we are cheating!)

What backpacks do we have?

Silviu has a North Face Terra 65 (65 stands for 65L).

Perine has a Quechua Travel 500 50L for Women. Quechua is a brand from Decathlon.

If you don’t have Decathlon (sports shop) in your country, there is very little chance for you to find it. If you do have Decathlon is a very nice shop to find affordable quality equipment. Make sure to read the reviews online as there are usually useful to see the pros and cons of the products.

How/ why did we choose our backpacks?

Silviu has its backpack for quite a few years now, so for this trip the choice was quite logical. The backpack already survived several trips including the ascent of Mount Elbrus in Russia (5642m!) and it is still in neat condition. It is solid, comfortable, quite light and offers many pockets. Although this backpack belongs to former collections the cost of a similar product is usually around 150 EUR nowadays. It can be taken as a carry-on luggage and its black color makes it a discreet option. We used packing cubes for ease of organization. It also includes a waterproof cover.

Perine’s backpack costs less than a 100 EUR and weight 2.27 KG empty (not bad). It can be taken as a carry-on if you take off the top part. Which is another cool thing with this bag: the top part can be clipped out to be taken as a day-bag. They suggest to carry it as a shoulder bag but it can actually be carried as a backpack too! The bag can be locked. It opens entirely which is very convenient to pack/ unpack and offers multiples compartments and pockets. It also includes a waterproof cover.

Do you agree with our choice of backpacks? What would your recommend instead?

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