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Define your travel itinerary

Determine your main limitations

Even though your itinerary can evolve during your trip, it is usually important to define the main stops.

First you will need to identify the constraints linked to your means of transportation. Will you book a round-the-world ticket or buy your tickets one-by-one? Will you fly or try other means of transportation (boat, bus, train, car…)? The idea is to avoid doing a zig-zag and losing too much time in transportation going back and forth, but sometimes the lack of infrastructure might force you to make some detours that will in the end save you some time and money. That means you might look for the main “hubs”: planes can be cheaper on main routes but it can be the same for buses and trains.

You may also want to alternate different types of traveling as discussed in another article; for instance allow yourself to enjoy a bit of comfort after 9-days of trekking (to wash your clothes, charge your batteries, and rest a bit).

Then according to the period of your departure and the climates in the visited countries you may decide to go from West to East or East to West.

Determine your milestones

Finally, do not forget to integrate major moments in your itinerary (if any). Festivities you would like to experience, major touristic sites that might require advanced bookings or even a specific hotel or restaurant you absolutely dream of (like the Marina Bay in SIngapore or the Rock in Zanzibar): Indeed do not forget that most of the other tourists you will meet are only here for a few days/ weeks and therefore might have done detailed planning!

Do not hesitate to use our tools to help you find the best way!

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