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Who to travel with?

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Traveling alone: it is possible!

Many people hesitate to travel alone but experience shows that you will never really be alone. Be prepared to meet many people on your way, some for a simple exchange, some to share a part of your trip, maybe even some (one?) to share your life with!. Whatever your gender, whatever your age, stories of solo travellers are all over the internet.

One common regret solo travellers have is the difficulty in sharing their experience with their friends and family once back,  while traveling with somebody means you can share memories with this person long after the trip is over. However, keeping a diary and sharing your trip via Internet (blog, e-mails, Facebook…) is a good way to keep the connection with your community back home and share with them on a regular basis the experiences you are going through; and once back home they will relate more easily to your own memories.

Traveling with someone: make sure you match!

Many people are willing to share this wonderful project with their friends or SO. The main thing you will need to make sure then is to be clear on your respective expectations. If one is willing to stay in a touristic area while the other is looking forward to going off the beaten path, there will be a significant contradiction that may ruin your trip but also your relationship.

Always remember that traveling around the world together will imply sharing a new level of intimacy, spending a significant amount of time together and above all dealing with each other’s tiredness, fear, stress and any other mood change.

Make sure you are fully compatible with your travel companion. And a simple bit of advice for that is to make sure you take the time to share a short travel experience together beforehand in order to get to know each other’s travel habits and rhythm.

Travelling with your family: more logistics but unforgettable memories!

If you are travelling with adult siblings refer to the previous paragraph as this will bring similar challenges.

If you are travelling with kids, know first of all that you will not be the only one! Although it is less frequent, many parents won’t let parenthood keep them away from crazy travelling. Au contraire, this can be a unique opportunity for your children to go on a real life adventure, discover new cultures and open their mind! Not counting the opportunities to learn things they will never be able to learn at school!

On that note, you might wish to plan a home-school system. Some organizations are available around the world to provide you with the educational material and you will have to improvise yourself as a teacher. It requires some discipline but it will allow for a smoother return of your kids to school once back at home.

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