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Our backpacks for 3,5 months in South-East Asia!

The good part with travelling in 2 steps is that it allows us to re-adjust in the meantime.

However for that first leg we did have two major constraints:

  • we left from Vienna where the temperature were below -10 degrees Celsius!!
  • we wanted to keep as much as possible our backpacks as carry-on luggage which gave us a limit in size and weight.

So here is what we are bringing for 3.5 months in SEA. We tried to keep it light knowing that some basic clothes and toiletries can be easily found on the way if needed.


3 top-tanks with different shapes for different situations, but also for different sun-tan lines!!

2 T-shirt for places where it is better to cover the shoulders

1 long sleeve T-shirt: for colder weather (and to leave Vienna negative’s temperature)

1 short: because you need one in warm weather

1 skort: black so I can wear in different situations including when I want to dress up a bit!

1 dress: very light and thin fabric more on the beach-side

1 pair of trousers: for urban area and when it is colder (I will travel with them)

2 pair of “baggy” trousers: traditional backpacker outfit in South-East Asia! There are super comfortable to wear

1 pair of legging: for gym or to wear underneath my shorts or trousers for cold weather

4 pairs of underwear: I took sports underwear as they are comfortable and the fabric is faster to dry

2 bras: 1 normal bra and one sport bra

2 pairs of sock: sports socks anti-perspiration

1 PJ set: so that I have a clean set to sleep in

1 raincoat: in case of heavy rain or colder weather

1 hoodie: I choose a black sport hoodie so that I can wear it in different situations and it dries faster

1 swimsuit

1 ultra-light down jacket with sleeve + 1 ultra-light down jacket without sleeve: for cold weather (we plan on hiking volcanoes at night) but also to leave Vienna by -10 degrees!!

2 hair-bands: convenient to protect your head from the sun and your hair from the dust!

1 neckband

1 Pair of walking shoes (Salomon hiking shoes with Gore-Tex)

1 Pair of Sandals: everyday shoes

1 Pair of Flip-flops

1 Pair of swimming shoes: quite light and useful when you love snorkeling

1 microfiber towel

1 pareo/ sarong

Total weight of Perine's personal items: 4.5 kg


2 cotton T-shirt

2 dry-fast T-shirt

1 long-sleeve T-shirt

1 shirt: for colder weather and for the time you want to dress up a bit

1 pair of jeans: he will travel with

1 pair of hiking pants: the legs can be zipped out to become a short

1 pair of cargo-shorts

4 pairs of underwear

1 sleeping short

3 pair of socks: sport socks easy to dry

1 belt

1 raincoat

1 fleece jacket

1 neckband

1 pair of walking shoes (Salomon  hiking shoes with Gore-Tex)

1 pair of Running shoes: everyday shoes

1 Pair of Flip-flops

1 Pair of swimming shoes: quite light and useful when you love snorkeling

1 microfiber towel

Total weight of Silviu's personal items: 6.6 kg


1 First-Aid kit

1 deodorant

1 toothpaste

2 toothbrushes

1 hairbrush (with mirror)

1 razor

1 tweezer

1 nail clippers

Miniatures of shampoo/ shower gel that we had at home

2 Sunscreen (<100 ml as we are not doing check-ins)

1 bottle with a face scrub powder + 1 mask tube for when Perine wants to take care of herself

3 make-up crayons for when Perine wants to be fancy

Total weight of the toiletries (incl. medicines): 1.6 kg


2 pairs of sunglasses

2 bandanas

1 sleeping kit (mask, inflatable pillow, earplugs)

1 double sleeping bag linen

1 waterproof bag

1 shopping bag

1 wristband

1 skipping rope (that can be used also as clothes line)

1 security cable + 1 lock

2 pairs of goggles

1 headlamp + 1 waterproof lamp

1 security belt bag

1 watch

Total weight of the accessories: 1.2 kg

On top of all that we also have about 5 kg of electronics (!) and daily bags (about 200-300 gr each).

Our backpacks weight about 2kg each when empty (read our article about our backpacks and how to choose a backpack!)

So in total for 2 we have about 23 kg so 11.5kg each! This includes everything, which means also the clothes/ shoes/ accessories that we will wear.

All in all we are expecting to carry between 10 and 11 kg on our back.

And you? How much would you carry in your backpack?

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2 thoughts on “Our backpacks for 3,5 months in South-East Asia!

  1. Camelia says:

    hehe, you’re not event THAT extreme; when we were your age (LOL), we used to go hiking with a friend that, in order to ease his load, halved the soap AND broke the toothbrush to keep only the “useful” (hairy) part :).

    Hugs, stay safe and have fun!

    1. Silviu says:

      Haha, indeed. We actually have one of the lightest backpacks of all the people we met so far. On the other hand we did see “backpackers” with trollers and bags… 🙂 The good part is that our toothbrush is intact!!! 🙂

      Hugs to you, have a great week!

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