The 5 most beautiful view of Paris

Of course, when thinking of Paris you will think of the Eiffel Tower, and we don’t blame you – the Iron Lady lives up to her famous reputation! Either by elevator or by climbing the stairs you are welcome to go up and enjoy the spectacular view over Paris.

But the Eiffel Tower is not the only spot from where you can enjoy the beautiful city! Here are some others.

1- Arc de Triomphe

This is not only also a major monument of Paris but it also offers a beautiful view of Paris with the Champs-Elysees in the foreground! How about admiring the famous avenue going down towards the obelisk, the Jardins des Tuileries and the Louvre?

2- Basilique Sacre-Coeur

After wandering around Montmartre and its beautiful artistic surroundings, why not try resting on the stairs with Paris at your feet? And if you are reluctant to do the little hike uphill you could also enjoy a ride in the funicular!

3- Parc de Belleville

Another hill in Paris, with a park that will offer you a great view from the North-East of Paris (20th district), perfect for sunset! And don’t worry if the climbing makes you thirsty, one of the best terraces of Paris awaits  you at the top

4- Museum Georges Pompidou (so-called “Beaubourg”)

Not only this museum is worth a visit both for his facade made out of huge industrial colourful pipes and his exhibitions on modern art, it also offers a great view over Paris! Don’t hesitate to go up the escalators and keep an eye on the view out the window! And why not make the moment last by having a drink at the restaurant Georges?

5- Montparnasse Tower

You cannot miss it: the highest business tower in Paris intra-muros, 210 meters high! For sure on a sunny day it will be the best spot for a cocktail overlooking Paris!


For the bravest there is also the possibility to enjoy a view from a hot-air balloon! The “Ballon de Paris” will bring you up in the air from the Parc Andre-Citroen (15th district)

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