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The city of Hue: sight-seeing, shopping and food

Art installations

Hue, the seat of Nguyen Dynasty emperors has its own distinct charm. From our first day in Hue we really appreciated the unique atmosphere that the center of the city brings. Along the river sides, a park with alleys invites you for a walk. You will be surprised at every step by a new statue, fountain, sculpture or market. In addition, many bars and restaurants also made the extra-effort to create a unique decor with plenty of originality and taste. We tried to take a glimpse of this city life in our pictures, but it is simply something that needs to be experienced …


Hue has offered us some of our best meals so far. From the delicate invitation to discovery of Madam Thu, who made the Vietnamese cuisine more easily accessible to tourists without denaturing the flavors, to the delicious and insanely cheap vegetarian dishes of Thanh Lieu, without forgetting the street food snaking (Banh My, sesame cake or some Che, Vietnamese dessert), our stomachs were pretty happy with the city!

Our favorite discovery in Hue:

Perine: the Banh! Banh Nam, Banh Beo, Banh Loc., I enjoyed them all! A Banh is a chewy tapioca dumpling with different ingredients and cooked in a banana leave.

Silviu: the coconut coffee! a coffee served with coconut milk and coconut ice-cream that feels more like a dessert!


Going to the market or the small commercial streets is always an interesting visit: observing the crazy flow of negotiations or on the contrary the emptiness of some shops, being lost in the chaos of the numerous products and being surprised to discover the organization behind, discovering funny shops and being amazed by some very pragmatic but insane set-ups…

Some of the things we observed in Hue:

  • The birds are kept in packed cages which is very sad
  • The installation of plugs to maintain all the fishes aquariums is far from any accepted standard but it works
  • A shop selling mannequin for shops
  • An electronic shop doubled as a garage
  • The presence of North Face products everywhere, labelled Made in Vietnam (fake or not?)
  • It is impossible to find a belt that is not in leather, we have been told!

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