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Paradisiac beaches in Trindade

How to get to Trindade

... and its amazing beaches!

Trindade is a small town about 25km South from Paraty and it is the perfect hang-out spot for a day.

To get there you will need to take the bus direction Trindade at the Paraty bus station, which is located just 5 minutes South West from the old city. In September 2018, the price of a journey was 4.25 R$ and the bus would run every hour from 7am to 8pm, plus an early morning and late evening bus.

The distance is short and it will take about 45 minutes to cover it by bus. It will also require a lot of trust in the bus engine while going uphill, and in the breaks of the bus while going downhill! šŸ™‚

The bus will drop you at the end of the village, close to the main beach, which is also the most touristic.

Paradisiac beaches and landscapes all around...

The different beaches

The main beach is already beautiful (see above picture) and this is where you will find most of the bars and restaurants if you are hungry for a snack by the beach. Although, for us it was quite pricey when we looked…

However, we strongly advise you to rather go right, following the signboard Praia do Meio and continue your way from there! You will not regret it.

Praia do Meio, is a “small” beach with a big rock in the middle. It is officially forbidden to go up there to take pictures but you will see many people going anyway. Be careful if you do though as the waves breaking on the rocks can be impressively strong. And big waves come unannounced…

At the end of this beautiful beach, cross the river to get to the small jungle trail. It is only a 5 minutes walk to the next beach:Ā Praia do CachadaƧo. This is a long sandy beach, much less crowded. If you go for a swim, don’t leave your stuff too close to the water: waves can rise up fast. Beware of the strong currents.Ā We loved sitting there watching the waves and we could see the strong currents doing their work. The view on Praia do Meio is beautiful aswell!

Natural swimming pool Caixa D'aƧo

On some of the days, the waves are too strong to properly swim, but no problem … head to the natural swimming pool! Protected by big rocks, this pool offers a chance to swim in calm turquoise waters…who would not go for it?!

Getting there is relatively easy: follow the signs directionĀ Piscina Natural do Caixa D’aƧo. There is a jungle trail that you can join from the end of theĀ Praia do CachadaƧo. From there it takes about 10-15 minutes walk through the jungle. The trail is not hard per se but it can get a bit slippery. After the walk, the reward is amazing!

Enjoy a refreshing swim in this paradisiac oasis and take a sunbath on one of the rocks while enjoying the unique landscape! We hope you’ll like it…

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